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Oztagger are pleased to announce we have partnered with Grip Star Socks to bring you the ultimate Oztag sock. Wear the same socks are your heros! If they're good enough for Reece Walsh and Xavier Coats, they're perfect for us!


With over 100 grip panels from heel to toe, more athletes are wearing these high performance socks to get the winning edge over their competition. Combat Blisters and Brusing. Protect your feet with their cushioned foot, heel and toe. Grip Star is the best in the business, now's your chance to find out why. 


Grip Star Socks has partnered with Dalmarri for this exclusive Indigenous crew sock release. Dalmarri are proudly Supply Nation certified and specialise in Indigenous engagement, learning and connection for all communities.


These socks are Genuine Grip Star Socks


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