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Our Indigenous designer Jeff Hardy, alongside the talented Liz Maloney, have released this awesome new collection, Always Was. "Inspired by our old people who looked after, cared for and lived as one with Mother Earth. The red is the land, the black is the people and the faded circles are our old peope who are always with us. The left leg represents the different tribes and Nations of our people, joined and linked together. Always Was, Always Will Be to acknowledge over 60,000 years of our people being the traditional caretakers of this land. The right leg represents our meeting place, our yarning circle, our mob, family or team all coming together."


Please Note: All sublimated tights are on the smaller side, so please upsize if in doubt. The lycra has been created to reduce a certain amount of stretch in order to stop the velcro tag being ripped off during play. These tights are the same fit as representative tights. All tights have velcro on the sides


[This product is an official OES item and can be worn in Oztag competitions worldwide] 



Always Was Tights

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