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Arnold Woulf from Woulf Graphic Design has done it again!  Introducing the Pacific Moana design, a powerful representation of unity and strength in sport through the symbolism of flowers and patterns. With its graceful lines and vibrant colors, this design embodies the resilience and elegance of these cultures, creating a truly formidable force as it blossoms. The flower as the centrepiece symbolises the different pacific cultures coming together and blooming.


Please Note: Our KIDS SUBLIMATED SHORTS are on the larger side compared to the regular $30 Oztag stock shorts. For children's sizes K6 - K14, if unsure, we would suggest a size down from their regular size. Please note, this is for children only. These shorts are the same fit as club representative shorts. All shorts have velcro on the sides.


[This product is an official OES item and can be worn in Oztag competitions worldwide]

Pacific Moana Oztag Shorts

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